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Facado Orphanage

Your care gives them hope

The Fatherless and Motherless Children Aid Organization (FACADO) is a charitable, Community based, Non-Governmental Organization/Orphanage Founded by Amb. Ngozi-Anih George with…

We provide

# Shelter, food and clothing (the three basic needs of a child), to orphans and vulnerable children

# We also provide counselling, health support and educational support to the less privileged

# We offer solutions to the low standard of living of under-privileged children through conferences, seminars, publications , advocacy and research

# We do not discriminate children whether on the basis of religion, physical illness or disability in our quest to create a safer, peaceful and healthy society

Urgent needs of the home

We will be very glad and grateful if these urgent needs are met. children are blessings from God and as such should be taken care of. help us achieve these

Volunteer Staff

We need volunteer staff that will help in taking care of the children

Baby food & Beverage

This is an essential commodity in raising children. Please help us

Food items and Computers

We need food and also computers to be able to teach them properly.

Beds and Diapers

We also need these to be able to take care of the children, especially the babies.

Clothing, Text books & toys

We need these for effective upbringing and wholesome development of these precious children.

Generator & Television

Acquiring these items will be very helpful in the children's wellbeing

Completion of the Orphanage building

We began expanding the orphanage because as we receive more children, our current space became increasingly inadequate. We have gone quite far with the building project, but still need some assistance to complete it so as to make life a bit more comfortable for the children.

Solar installation for power supply

Having steady electricity in the building is not a luxury, but a necessity for the proper development of the children in our care.

Cash for staff Salaries and General Upkeep

We need to be able to pay our staff as at when due to ensure the smooth running of the orphanage

Make Donations

Over the past eleven years, FACADO has provided more than 800 less privileged and abandoned children with food, shelter, clothing, educational support, health support, and counseling… read more

A range of our Projects

We are sincerely counting on your generous financial/material support to make life better for these under-privileged ones

Completion of our orphanage home building
Completion of our orphanage home building 25%
production of 1000 copies of our quarterly magazine
production of 1000 copies of our quarterly magazine 29%
Equipping Facado skill acqisition center
Equipping Facado skill acqisition center 28%
Educational support
Educational support 32%
Musial video album production. Vol 6
Musial video album production. Vol 6 23%
Feeding and total upkeep of the Children
Feeding and total upkeep of the Children 35%
Building of school for the orphans
Building of school for the orphans 20%
Vehicle maintenance
Vehicle maintenance 19%

Get In Touch

We always love to hear from you. Kindly reach out to us with the information listed below. Thanks for your continued support

Our Location

No. 3 Church Road New-Karu, Near Abuja-Nigeria

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You can make donations

Thanks for your support thus far. May the almighty God continue to replenish your pockets