A society that caters to its children, is a society that is guaranteed to have sustainable development. When we care for the children that would otherwise have been hopeless and left for the streets, we reduce, to a large extend, crime and insecurity.

Children that are raised in a loving and caring family or environment grow into confident, peaceful, creative, and productive individuals that can contribute to the growth and development of a nation. This is one of the reasons we believe in catering to these orphans and the less privileged children that God brings into our care. It is a very challenging responsibility,

but we are encouraged by the generous support we get from some good spirited individuals and organizations. No single person can carry out such an important assignment alone. We are grateful to all those who have been part of this amazing work that God is doing for these children through us.  And for those who want to support us in any way towards catering for these amazing children, please do not hesitate and you shall be rewarded by God Almighty. Every one of your support and encouragement makes a big difference in the lives of these beautiful children.